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Cyber Security Assessment

Secured Packet is a dedicated security consultants committed to providing high-caliber services for your business. We purposely focus on Information Security program development and related technologies and have deep expertise in auditing standards and process improvement. We approach every engagement with the same mindset and take pride in ensuring solid communication. Knowledge, transfer, and delivery are priority for each project.

IT and Enterprise Solutions

It is important to understand that there is more to security than virus protection and a patch management strategy. Although necessary, these are simply components, and when deployed and managed properly, they can help ensure that your business remains secure. Policy and process implementation are just as important and often overlooked. Administrative, technical and physical controls all play a role in the Information Security arena. Secured Packet is a complete assessment of your enterprise security program

Cloud Compliance Solutions

Secured Packet is working together o cloud compliance solutions to speed the security compliance of systems in the cloud so you can focus on important day-to-day functions. Cloud compliance make it easy to automate compliance and generate associated documentation, streamlining your ability to demonstrate that you meet the relevant security standards in your industry.

Identity Infrastructure Services

Secured Packet designs, develops, tests, and deploys hardware and software components that form the backbone of identity infrastructures needed for specialized requirements such as high security/integrity specifications, management of privileges, and the handling of personally identifiable information. We have the experience and provide the specialized skills needed to deliver mission-critical systems that require high operational uptime including integrating emerging cyber security technologies to enrich existing identity systems and providing state-of-the-art logistical support and maintenance to trusted data platforms.

Remain Compliant

Between the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and NIST, there are unique regulations and constant revisions to government regulation. Secured Packet's Vulnerability and Access Risk Management solutions enable government agencies to meet and exceed many of NIST’s recommendations for Information Security Continuous Monitoring.

Improve Efficiencies

Agencies stored by mission or function can obscure an overall risk assessment. Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management is not stored and looks across your organization. Through vulnerability prioritization and attack path modeling, your security team can spend time addressing the most pressing threats, while automated systems monitor for access risks in the network.

Reduce IT Costs

Our solutions also alert you of access risks such as privileged account misconduct and orphaned accounts.

And by automating processes such as password reset and using penetration testing tools, you can decrease your time spent on these day-to-day activities and, possibly, reduce your headcount
– saving money within the company.

Core Values

Trusted by Clients for over 20 years. We deliver a comprehensive Information Security Consultancy, Advisory, Training, and Implementation services. We offer threat-aware identity, access, authentication and vulnerability management solutions. From passwords to provisioning, our continuous and comprehensive monitoring solutions work to help you detect and remediate access and vulnerability risk.




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Despite adhering to stringent compliance mandates, the financial sector is a high-value target for cybercriminals, cyber terrorists, and enemy states. Secured Packet will prioritize and identify both access and vulnerability risks in your organization. Sophisticated threats and targeted custom attacks continue to test the IT security hardiness of financial services institutions. Our solutions for financial services organizations will help you do more than pass your audit; they will help you stay fully compliant with continuous and comprehensive monitoring and help you detect, deter, and remediate both access and vulnerability risk.


Traditional security solutions are reactive, relying on incident detection or sifting through mountains of vulnerability data to manage threats. This results in unnecessary risk. To reach a balanced security strategy, retail organizations need to be more proactive and focus on the most likely threats across their network including a combination of access risk, vulnerabilities, attack patterns, and known exploits.


Organizations in the education sector face a litany of complicated security challenges driven by their need to protect IT assets and data, while supporting networks that permit use by large numbers of individuals working across a wide range of academic and research pursuits. With Secured Packet's Vulnerability and Access Management platform, higher education need to isolate and prioritize their most critical vulnerability and access risks to more effectively address risks, ensure that defensive mechanisms are functioning properly, and prepare for mandated compliance audits.


Energy and utility companies need to be proactive and focus on the most likely threats based on the combination of access risks, vulnerabilities, attack patterns, and known exploits. With Vulnerability and Access Risk Management, these companies can narrow down the immediate risks for remediation, see who has access to everything, and more.


Identity and Access Management


Vulnerability Management


Network Detection and Response


Actionable Insight Platform

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